No matter if it comes to short- or long-term self-storage, it is always a good way to house your belonging when you don’t need them in the moment, or in case of transition from one place to another. Do you want to free up some space at home? Then choose self-storage as you can rest assured that all the things you love and enjoy having in your life are still with you and kept safely and neatly. However, despite the fact that many people know the advantage of renting a storage unit, are all these people knowing and using the full potential of this type of service, do they do it right? Storing all your belonging neatly and packing them like you are playing Tetris is just part of the game, there is a whole lot more you can do in order to ensure you are using the full potential of your storage unit. To really ensure you are enjoying full optimization, here are some great tips and guidelines for you to consider.

Choose a Reliable Storage Company

Of course, you would like to choose a reliable and reputable storage company, you don’t want to risk your belongings’ security and safety just because you are tempted by a suspiciously low service price. You want to choose a company you can fully trust for handling and keeping your items safe, even if you are storing nothing of high value. In order to make sure you are choosing a reliable storage company, make sure to check out for online reviews, testimonials, and opinions shared by other customers and ask around people you know for recommendations.

Don’t Do It Last Minute

In case you know when exactly you will need to rent the storage unit, for example in cases when you are moving houses, make sure you are not leaving the search for a good and reliable storage company for the last minute. Rushed out decisions you make when times pressure you are not necessarily the best decisions, right? There are a few key factors you need to consider when choosing a storage company to work with and you need enough time to make sure that the company you choose is ticking all the boxes and meeting your requirements and criteria.


It is very important to take an inventory of all the items you are planning to store in the storage unit. First of all, this will help you determine the exact size of storage unit you need to rent so you don’t find yourself with a too small a unit or a too-large one you don’t use optimally but you pay for the whole space. Once everything is packed in the storage unit, an inventory list will also help you stay more organized and remind you where your items are and what items are stored.

Label the Boxes

Now, you are packing all your items in boxes and you know the exact place of each and every item while you know what every box contains. However, is your memory going to be as fresh and detailed in a couple of months or even longer? You don’t want to find yourself wondering what these boxes are storing and where are your belonging once you visit the unit in a few months or once you start unpacking and bringing the boxes home. Therefore, the best idea is to label all boxes.

Nothing Too Valuable

Now, you definitely don’t want to risk the safety of too valuable items or things that have a very high sentimental value to you. Everything is possible to happen and you definitely don’t want something bad to happen to these special to you items. If you cannot afford to lose it, simply don’t put it in storage.

Pack Strategically

Now, you may be wondering how to pack all your things so you can use the full potential of the storage unit you are renting as well to optimize the space. In addition, you never know when you will need to access your unit to get something specific that may be stored right at the back of the unit. Can you imagine going through all your belonging just to find them a few hours later? In order to avoid such situations, make sure to organize everything in a way it will be easier for you. Store all items you are most likely to need sooner than the rest in the front of the storage unit and leave the back of the unit for all items you are absolutely sure you won’t need soon.

Don’t Leave Your Belongings Unprotected

Your items can get damaged even while sitting and hanging in the storage unit. Accidents are possible to happen and some boxes or items may fall, breaks and damages are absolutely possible. Therefore, you are recommended to pack everything carefully and with the right packing materials to ensure the safety and security of all items, especially those prone to damage. Furniture pieces can be covered with soft fabrics such as blankets or moving pads, small items are better stored in boxes, everything fragile and prone to breaking should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and packing paper.

Do Not Store Anything Perishable

If there is a chance for something to get spoiled while stored, make sure you are simply not putting it into your storage unit. Even if you think that you will fill out the unit in one month, let’s say, and bring your items in your home, consider that there is a high chance for something to get wrong and you may need some additional time renting the storage unit, so by the time you unload it, something may be spoilt already.

Purchase Insurance

Make sure to check if your renters or homeowners insurance already covers personal property in storage. In case this is not included, find out if you can add it to the main insurance or if you can purchase an additional storage insurance plan. You can usually get that through your insurance company or the storage company itself. It is good to know that you can enjoy some extra protection for your belongings.

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