Wokingham Storage

Wokingham self storage containers come in various sizes of safe and secure self storage containers to rent as storage space. We current have 2 self storage sizes medium and large. Learn more about size and dimensions of our self storage containers.

Our most popular size self storage container is the large size container. Each large size storage container is big enough to store the contents of up to a 4 bedroom house or all the equipment from a medium sized business. Have a look inside a large container to see what you can fit inside, you will be quite amazed.

Wokingham Self Storage containers are large industrial deep sea export containers which offer air tight seal when closed. Our self stoprage containers are totally secure when locked for serious security and peace of mind for our customers. The air-tight seal allows all contents to be protected. We even have a book company storing their books inside on of our container. You fit a boat inside the containers!.