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Exams are over. The essays are in. All that's left between you and the summer is probably a few more nights out in town, right? But then comes that mammoth task of emptying your room. Whether it's leaving halls after first year, or coming home at the end of your final year, it's always a surprise quite how much stuff can accumulate in a few short months! But don't let the scale of the work deter you, after all it needs to be done before you can go home. Here are few helpful pointers on where to begin.

Start with the essentials. What can you simply not live without between now and September? Things like your laptop, hair straighteners and favourite clothes need to get sorted first. If you don't have a laptop bag, wrap it in a few shirts or sweaters to stop knocks and scratches. And don't just throw the cables in, tie them up to avoid knots later. Using an empty toilet roll tube can be great for this and the ends can be tucked into the tube to keep them safe.