GoStore Self Storage Chesterfield

Self-storage is a service by which individuals or businesses rent units to store their goods off-site, usually when they do not have the space to do so on their own home or business premises.

Anyone can use self-storage – Homeowners, businesses, families, students, house movers ebayers, builders etc. It is a very long list but this gives you the idea.

There are many reasons why people and companies may choose to use self-storage. You may be in the process of moving house but you need space to store your furniture until your new house is ready.

Perhaps you are having renovation work to your house – you may simply be painting and want to move your furniture out to protect it against accidental damage. Instead of cluttering up another room in your house, a self-storage room can be rented for as long as you need one. Our storage terms are very flexible so you can get a unit of the exact size you need.