Goodwins Of Lincolnshire

Andrew Goodwin has over 20 years experience in the organising of domestic, commercial and international removals throughout the UK and overseas. Andrew personally visits all clients to explain the removal process and complete a pre-move survey so Goodwins can provide a competitive written quotation.

As a family Goodwins have personally experienced the trauma of moving home and this is why care and understanding are fundamental principles of the Goodwin approach to helping clients. All removals are personal and individual and this is reflected in the care taken to ensure a fair and reasonable quotation which represents genuine value for money.

It is widely believed that high on the list of stress related situations is the act of moving house (or relocating businesses). The aggravation of uprooting your home combined with the related cost can result in a less than happy event. And you are likely to make matters worse by attempting a "do-it-yourself" move to simply save a few pounds.